Hypersonic hair dryer

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D8 Hypersonic

Embodying the essence of luxury design inspired by Hermes, collaboratively crafted byrenowned designers hailing from Japan, ltaly, and China.

Lightweight hair dryer
Haircare appliances Professional hair dryer

Unrivaled Drying Speed: No.1Globally

125 g

Maximum wind pressure

62 m/s

The world’s fastest wind speed

19 L/s

The world’s strongest air convection


Stepless knob to adjust temperature from 45℃-120℃


Blower length

Neutralizing ion

Hair care

Nylon+Glass Fiber

Blower Material

1.9m(Max 3.0m)

Cable Length

LavalFlow™ Rocket duct Technology.

Utilizing the principles of aerodynamic Laval nozzles, the air is subjected to dual compression and acceleration within the air duct, generating a powerful jet thrust. A larger volume of gas is expelled per unit of time, thereby rapidly drying the hair.

Hair dryer for fast drying

Pioneering Global first temperature control knob.

Adjustable from 45°C to 120°C

Personalized heat control

Suitable for All Ages: Children, Teens, and Adults

Hotel hair dryer

Hotel hair dryer

High-speed brushless motor.



Commercial hair dryer

Three-phase high-speed brushless motor

10 minutes a day, capable of smooth operation for 10 years.Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy five-axis CNC engraving process, processing accuracy reaches 0.001mm, laser engraving for weight reduction, exclusive process to suppress fan blade vibration, precise adjustment of dynamic balance to 1mg.

Hair dryer for fine hair

Superdense Filter.


Super dense SUS304 3/4H stainless steel mesh, effectively filter dust and hair, the hair dryer life is longer.

Commercial hair dryer
Commercial hair dryer
Commercial hair dryer

Customizable colors

Elevate your product lineup with personalized style

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Commercial hair dryer
Commercial hair dryer
Commercial hair dryer