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D8 Hypersonic hair dryer Manufacturing.Hair care in autumn and winter, preferably an electric hair dryer

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  In autumn and winter, the weather is dry and it is relatively difficult to take care of hair. If you want to create a confident and stylish hairstyle, you should choose a brand electric hair dryer.

  1. Just after washing your hair, before adjusting it, you should first use your fingers to go deep into the hair roots and move them left and right to dry the scalp, rather than just blowing the hair randomly by moving the tail, which can make the hair dry. Keeping the hair dry to an eighth before blowing can make the hair effect fast and good, while applying anti heat hair products first can protect the hair from heat damage.

  2. The direction of hair blowing affects the success or failure of styling

  It is not possible to dry hair in a disorderly and directionless manner. A hair dryer can blow the hair smoothly from top to bottom; Blowing from bottom to top can puff and curl the hair. If a straight haired person wants to blow both fluffy and smooth long hair, they need to first blow the puff up against the hair root, and then blow it down from the middle to the end of the hair.

  3. First hot blowing, then cooling is the key to shaping

  Whether using a comb or a dryer to blow and straighten any styling action, it is necessary to wait for the hair bundle to cool down or switch to cool air before putting down the hair. This way, the styling effect will be obvious and the hairstyle will be more durable, otherwise the wet and hot air will make the hairstyle less supportive.

  4. Professional tools to easily create a "fashionable and confident" hairstyle

  No matter what hairstyle you have, you need to prepare a round comb for easy styling. Straight hair is suitable for bristle materials, curly hair is suitable for plastic materials, and the more curly and short the hair, you should choose a smaller diameter round comb. Conversely, choose a larger diameter round comb; People with curly hair must prepare a baking mask to maintain the curliness after a perm.

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