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Fast hair dryer Vendor.The reason why the hair dryer suddenly stopped blowing

Time:2023-11-24 Views:1 source:News


  1. Power failure: Check if the plug is securely inserted and if the socket is functioning properly.

  2. Motor malfunction: If the motor is damaged or overheated, the hair dryer will stop working. At this point, the motor needs to be replaced.

  3. Damaged fuse: If the fuse is damaged, the current will be interrupted and the hair dryer will stop working.

  4. Blocked fan blades: If the hair dryer is used for too long or not cleaned for a long time, the fan blades may be blocked by dust, hair, and other substances, causing the hair dryer to not blow. At this point, it is necessary to clean or replace the fan blades.

  5. Switch failure: If the switch of the hair dryer is damaged or has poor contact, it can also cause the hair dryer to malfunction. The switch needs to be replaced.

  In short, if the hair dryer suddenly stops blowing, you can investigate from the above aspects, find the cause of the malfunction, and repair or replace the corresponding components in a timely manner.

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