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Foldable hair dryer distributors.The hazards of hair dryers

Time:2023-12-05 Views:1 source:News


  Reason 1: Merchants attach great importance to marketing and neglect product professional technical training

  Although the function of a hair dryer is not complex, there are certain technical barriers. Unprofessional hair dryers invest more in advertising and marketing than in technological research and development. Insufficient investment in core technology tuning and optimization, such as wind speed stability and attenuation, makes it difficult to form their own technical barriers and produce products that are user-friendly and not harmful to hair. Professional hair dryers with their own brand advantages are mostly mature and stable in core parameter technology, which can achieve ultra-high wind speed and hair care effects.

  Reason 2: Overloaded wind speeds can easily cause hair damage

  The faster the wind speed, the faster the water evaporates, and the faster the drying speed of hair will be. However, achieving ultra-high wind speeds without technical tuning is not entirely a good thing. Non professional hair dryers have high wind speeds, but the wind is unstable or overloaded, causing hair knots and stimulating the scalp, which is not conducive to the closure of hair scales and has a very high incidence of hair damage!

  Reason 3: Poor temperature control effect

  High quality hair dryers can achieve intelligent temperature control. Unprofessional hair dryers have a single temperature control system, resulting in inaccurate temperature control and unstable air temperature, which can easily harm the scalp and hair quality. In severe cases, they can even burn hair and scalp!

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